A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking:

Expert Advice for Pitching, Presenting & Getting Paid

This book has everybody talking… literally! Whether you’re an experienced presenter or just starting out, if public speaking is your ultimate high or your recurring nightmare, you’ll appreciate the incredible wealth of information, insight and intimate details!

There’s no one way to be a dietitian speaker!

The beauty of being a dietitian speaker is that there’s always something to talk about. Interest in nutrition-related topics is high, continuing education is always in demand, and with technology, you don’t even need an audience!

Whether you’re doing a large seminar at a university or a small workshop at a company,  A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking will teach you the required skills. From negotiating the speaking contract, preparing for the event, executing the speaking engagement and getting paid; this book covers it all!

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Meet the Author

Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD-S

While speaking came naturally to Jessica, negotiating, pricing and asking for payment were all skills she had to learn on the fly. After 20+ years and almost a thousand presentations, Jessica now shares everything she knows so that YOU don’t have to reinvent the wheel. A dietitian’s greatest fan, Jessica believes that the world will be a better place when more dietitians speak up and speak out.

What people are saying about A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking...

"Brilliant! Jessica Setnick knocks “A Dietitian’s Guide” off the speakers platform. As she has forever been our inspiration and guide, Jessica is now mentoring those who desire to speak publicly step-by-step through the process with her witty, self-deprecating sense of humor, honesty, and overall brilliance using real life situations from years in the field."

--Elisabeth Peterson, RDN, CEDRD

A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking:

Expert Advice for Pitching, Presenting & Getting Paid!

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