Spotlight on Dietitian Speaker Anna Lutz

Spotlight on Dietitian Speaker Anna Lutz 

Anna Lutz is a Dietitian Speaker who gets right to the point. Read on as she focuses in on the good stuff in this week’s Speaker Spotlight. 

DS: How did you get started speaking, and how does it fit in with the other work you do?

AL: My first job where I had the opportunity to speak professionally was at Duke University Student Health. I’ve continued speaking throughout my career because I enjoy it.

Currently, I’m excited to speak about what dietitians need to know about trauma and the nervous system. This is a focus of the supervision work I do, and speaking about it gives me a wider platform to reach more health professionals. Overall, speaking drives a great cycle where the research I do for my talks keep me up to date on topics that then inform my clinical work.

DS: Since speaking was originally part of your main job, was there a point where you transitioned to negotiating for speaking fees? We have lots of readers who feel insecure about that transition and would love to hear any tips.

AL: Asking to be paid for speaking became easier for me when I started thinking about our profession as a whole. It doesn’t help any of us to be giving away our expertise.  As a profession, we’ll be more respected and paid more if we stop giving away our services.

DS: Yes! The next time I negotiate I’m going to imagine a whole army of dietitians standing with me for support. What a great way to feel empowered and less alone!

AL: Exactly. It doesn’t help other RD’s for me to speak for free.

DS: Are there certain qualities that make a speaker stand out in your eyes? Any suggestions for a dietitian speaker just starting out?

AL: Yes. An excellent speaker is authentic, connects with the audience, and is okay with saying, “I don’t know” when asked a question.  I also really appreciate real life examples and applications that help the audience make connections.

Keep your talks simple.  I like to focus on 2-3 main points for an hour talk and stick to those main points.  It’s tempting to put all the information out there, but then attendees don’t leave with much. If you can stick to 2-3 main points, there’s a good chance each listener will hold on to one of them.

DS: Excellent advice. Thank you, Anna.

Follow Anna on social media: Twitter @AnnaLutzRD, LinkedIn @AnnaLutz, and  Instagram @AnnaLutzRD


Spotlight on Dietitian Speaker Anna Lutz

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